Wednesday, August 22, 2007


One of the bonuses of walking through the orchards of deepest Kent at this time of the year is the sheer abundance of fruit on the trees. This is especially so this year, after all the rain we`ve had, which has led to the fruit picking season starting a good three weeks earlier than usual.
When our Golden Retriever, Henry, and I explore the orchards, we first go through a Bramley apple one, then an eating apple one, on to a pear orchard and finally we arrive at a Victoria plum orchard. This year`s crop seems to be the best for many years - so much so that lots of plums have fallen from the trees, lots more are rotting on the branches and it seems the farmer has picked as many as he is going to.
So, rather than see this tempting bounty going to waste, Henry and I decided that we might just take a few home and see what they were like. They are quite the most beautiful plums you are ever likely to taste and I fear I may have eaten perhaps a tad too many of them.
Years ago, of course, I would have been deported to the colonies for taking anything from an orchard, but as we don`t have any colonies any more, I have escaped at least that fate.
However, I seem not to have escaped Victoria`s revenge, which has taught me another of life`s seemingly endless lessons. Serves me right, I guess.....and I hope that normal service will be resumed as soon as possible.

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