Friday, August 24, 2007

So another Bank Holiday this weekend and the predictions are for no less than 18million cars to be on the roads of the UK.
I fear I have no option but to join in the exodus, as Southampton FC are at home to the Potters of Stoke City....and I really can`t let holiday traffic come between me and my football. Two weeks ago I did the same journey, which took me four hours and I expect much the same tomorrow. In a concerted attempt to get off the motorways, last time I came home all the way from Winchester by using the A31 and A25 - very `leisurely` as it`s impossible to go more than about 50mph all the way....and it `only` took me two and a half hours to get home coming that way.
Kick-off tomorrow is 3.00pm so an early start is called for and perhaps a saunter along the A25 and the A31 will at least guarantee my arrival, whereas the motorways will merely guarantee delay and frustration. Why do I do it? Simple - I just love it.

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