Thursday, October 22, 2015


Thought it might be a nice change to get away from the daily misery of the world and instead post an (almost) daily photo from my extensive album of pictures that I have taken over the years.   Some might be of Devon or Cornwall or Hampshire, the Kent countryside but they all represent places we have been to and like very much.

Until recently there was a helpful link which allowed photos I had put on FlickR to be automatically posted on this blog.   However,that facility seems to have vanished into cyberspace and I don`t know why or how to set up something similar without going through mind-bending instructions which are quite beyond me.  So rather than rely on that kind of thing, I`ll post a photo most days direct from my album.   

Here`s the first one. It`s a photo of Start Bay in South Devon, taken from the road leading down to Start Point lighthouse.   In his recent book, "The Road to Little Dribbling," Bill Bryson  included a reference to the area like this - "The view took in the mighty sweep of Start Bay, which is surely one of the very loveliest in England.To the south an attractive white lighthouse stood on an eminence called Start Point.  To the north at Stoke Fleming there was some other tower - a church steeple I decided - and in between sprawled the most exquisite, effortlessly perfect combination of fields, clustered villages, farmhouses and wandering roads."   He wasn`t wrong.  (Click on the picture for a larger and clearer image.)

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