Saturday, October 03, 2015


Been away for a week in the South Hams of South Devon, staying at Bigbury on Sea.  It`s another of our favourite parts of the country and we enjoy the coast path walks, the beaches, the Devon villages and the weather, which blessed us with a week of unbroken sunshine with a bit of a breeze which made the walking even more enjoyable.

And this is a prime location for sunsets, like the one I captured in the photo above last Thursday evening.   The ship which was caught in the light of a spectacular sunset is the Belgian Navy Patrol ship, Pollux, which was commissioned just a few months ago to join her sister ship, Castor (of course.)

I knew that Belgium produced excellent chocolate and good footballers but I didn`t know Belgium had a navy. But it seems they have and Pollux is reported to spend her time patrolling the waters off the Belgian coast and has recently `escorted` a Russian submarine off the Belgian patch.   So what was it doing in Bigbury Bay last Thursday evening, I wonder?   Well, I can but guess that it had heard about the South Devon sunsets and decided to check it out.   Can`t blame them really, can you?

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