Monday, October 26, 2015


For some years now we have been members of the South West Coast Path Association - a registered charity which exists to safeguard and promote the national treasure that is the 630 mile-long coastal footpath around the south west of England.  Yesterday we received their regular magazine and I`m always fascinated by reports from those who have completed the whole journey.   Indeed, a very good friend of mine and his wife themselves completed it a year or so ago, for which amongst many other things they have my complete admiration.

I noticed that some of the `completion reports` are for those who have taken as many as eight years to finish the journey and it made me realise that, over the years, we ourselves have `completed` large sections of the path in bite sized chunks. We have walked most of Cornwall, a lot of Devon and bits of Somerset and Dorset and I look back on those adventures with great affection.   Small wonder when you see this picture I took as we got to Lands End, turned left and walked the quiet, spectacular stretch towards Porthgwarra (of Ross Poldark supposedly swimming in the buff fame).......

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