Monday, October 05, 2015

Maybe it`s just me but I always find returning home from a holiday brings mixed feelings.  Of course, there`s no place like home  but the re-entry brings into sharp focus all the things you managed to escape from whilst being away.

Seems particularly the case if, like me, you`ve had a wonderful week of glorious weather in beautiful surroundings, all of which make it easier to immerse yourself in that environment and escape from the trials of modern day life.  You see, when you stand on a remote cliff top and feel the wind in your face, breathe in the pure air and just be at one with the elements, not much else really matters.

But I got home and back to life in the one time Garden of England and very quickly I`m brought back down to earth.   For example, we go shopping at the local superstore on Saturday morning, park the car and wander down past the disabled parking spaces, where a very large car turned up and parked, its owner leaps out resplendent in his extra large Spurs football shirt, his arms covered in tattoos and briskly makes his way to the cash machine.   Now unless being a Spurs fan is a registered disability (which it might well be, of course) I get annoyed not only at the pugnacious persona on display but also the totally inconsiderate assumption that parking in disabled spaces is OK.  You certainly know when you`re back in the south east of England.

And today, never mind the chaos in the middle east or the migrant problems of biblical proportions, the main issue concerning the media is the terrible consequences of making people pay 5p for a plastic bag. So welcome home, but I think I`m off to find a remote cliff top somewhere.

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