Tuesday, April 14, 2015

From our Golf Correspondent

As the Golf Correspondent for these pages over many years, I`m often asked after the whereabouts of past heroes of the Royal and Ancient game.  One of those is Snopper himself, who has been absent from the fairways (and bunkers) of the world for perhaps too long.

In his case, the answer is depressingly simple.  For some time now, he has been suffering from the kind of injury or affliction which affects highly tuned sporting idles (sorry, that should be idols.)  Snopper has seen the onset of conditions such as acute bunions, a wonky knee and a hip that decides for itself whether to restrict his mobility.  

It`s all very unfortunate, especially since the US Masters over the last weekend showed an increased interest as to Snopper`s whereabouts and whether he was likely ever to resume his lifelong losing battle with the game.   Well, I can report that he has no immediate plans to scrape the vestiges of time from his shed-bound eclectic set of clubs, although just in case he has retained the collection of balls - currently standing at about 1100 - which were retrieved from nearby golf courses by a much missed and highly efficient Golden Retriever.

As Snopper himself once opined - there`s no point in taking golf seriously unless you`re Tiger Woods, as there`s always going to be someone better than you.   That someone now seems to be Jordan Spieth, one to whose talents it is now far too late for Snopper to aspire.  I doubt Mr. Spieth would return the same sentiment.

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