Wednesday, April 15, 2015


Once more the call of Kernow becomes irresistible and it is perhaps yet more so following a long, cold, dark winter and with the arrival of longer days, warmer temperatures and a healthy dose of Poldark on the television.   Of course it helps to have relatives living down there along with a host of locations to choose from for a break away from it all.

And there seems to be a lot to break away from just now, especially the fol-de-rols of the General Election campaigns, the Party Political Broadcasts and the interminable analysis of manifestos, opinion polls and the shallow promises being banded about as the battle between the parties hots up.  I`m more than happy to leave them to it.

My earnest hope is that, if I ever manage to get there next week, the little beach and hamlet of Porthgwarra (pictured) is a little less crowded than when Ross Poldark took his kit off there and went for a dip in the azure waters.   Any onlookers might have to make do with me although, to be fair, I`m quite adept at bodice ripping.

Back at the end of next week.

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