Tuesday, June 10, 2014


This is a box of frogs.  Now boxes of frogs are normally associated with madness.   I`m not sure why but I have this growing suspicion that it`s unfair on frogs. Here`s why.

It might just be the effect of midsummer but I look around on this glorious sun-filled day and what do I see? Well, there`s the Michael Gove/Teresa May spat which has seen them hauled up before the Cameron beak, told not to misbehave in class and one of the unelected, unaccountable SPADS given her marching orders.   Now of course there is a problem with schools in Birmingham which needs sorting and the early signs are encouraging.   It`s just that it has taken the Gove/May leadership manoeuvring farrago to give the problem the exposure it needed.

The allegations of cultural strife in Birmingham reminded me of the recent case in deepest Devon, of all places.   The village school at Payhembury was marked down in an Ofsted report as it consisted entirely of white British children - hardly surprising in rural Devon. The solution to overcome this innocent challenge to `diversity` has been to get the parents in Payhembury to cough up £35 each to send their little treasures to an inner city London school where the demography is exactly he opposite.   I wonder whether - in the interests of balance, of course - schoolchildren from the depths of Newham, Brixton, Tower Hamlets and certain parts of Birmingham would equally benefit from visiting rural Devon?

Now I see that FIFA President Sepp Blatter is accusing critics of the daft Qatar 2022 World Cup award of being racists as they have the effrontery to question the logic and the process of awarding World Cup Finals to a baking-hot country which had absolutely no football pedigree, no football stadia and no recognised teams.  Apart from that it was the obvious choice.

In Sweden EU leaders are arguing about who might be the next unelected President of the EU Commission; mayhem continues unchecked in Iraq, Syria and Pakistan; greed and corruption seemingly rife almost everywhere you look; celebrity culture and unsocial networks dumbing down those who go near them; .....the list goes on of things in today`s world that give me yet more confirmation that we are living in God`s blueprint; the draft; the dummy run; the prototype where we are the guinea pigs to demonstrate how not to run a planet and from all this experience He or She will produce the perfect paradise.

And all the while in their croaking, slime-covered, amphibious innocence, the frogs look around and conclude that what they see is as mad as a box of humans, whose prime attention in the coming weeks will be to ignore the lunacy they have already created and instead devote their attention to the even greater madness of worrying about grown men kicking balls around fields in a faraway land which has troubles of its own.  

The frogs might be right after all?.........

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