Thursday, June 12, 2014


A captivating scene;  people walking the south west coast path above Porthcurnick beach; a swathe of golden sand; in the distance a glimpse of Portscatho, which as well as being a Wycliffe location might also double as Kernow`s very own version of Llareggub; and the cordon bleu Hidden Hut nestling beneath the green hill looking out to Gerrans Bay, Gull Rock and Nare Head.

Now I`m a simple soul really and one of so many criticisms levelled at me over the years is that I may lack a little ambition.   I suppose this might be illustrated by my choice of holiday destinations and activities.   Not for me the mayhem at airports, the long haul flights - or even the short haul ones come to that - or the crowded, umbrella`d, Teutonic towelled loungers in foreign resorts, full of people I can`t understand and where I`m expected to eat stuff I don`t understand either.

So, for me, the simple but undeniable pleasure of letting these long summer days drift slowly by, watching the tide come and go, breathing proper air, walking that wonderful coast path, maybe wandering along to down-town Portscatho (pictured) for some essential supplies but, most of all, just being, is all I ever need.  

One day, perhaps to coincide with my upcoming 75th birthday, I`ll do a bucket list.  I think it will be a short one. 

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