Saturday, June 21, 2014


Got home yesterday after a fabulous week in the Roseland - superb location, wonderful weather, our favourite coast path walk possible at last now that the bridge at Molunan on the stretch from St. Anthony to Place has been repaired - but the journey home from deepest Cornwall was, how shall I say....interesting.

A3058 - A390 - A38 - M5 - A358 - A303, so far so good.....but that`s when we saw the warning signs flashed in bright letters about severe delays at Stonehenge because of the Solstice thingy with 37,000 pagans and druids doing their thing. So, being ever resourceful, I decided to go through Yeovil on to the A30 which, whilst a bit slower, is a bit more picturesque and it eventually rejoins the A303 around Andover, thus missing out the Solstice throngs.

Made good progress until we saw signs that the A30 was closed at Wilton for road repairs. Now, it`s reasonable to expect diversion signs when you get near the road closure but not this time.  We did eventually reach Wilton, not having seen a diversion sign, but were turned back by a diligent official and told to go back along the A30 the way we came and follow the diversion signs.   To be fair, there were some signs going back that way but the diversion took us all the way back to Shaftesbury, thence down to Blandford Forum, on to Salisbury in the rush hour and eventually to Andover and the relative haven of the A303.

It got worse.  We stopped at Fleet Services only to discover that Waitrose had sold out of yum-yums and arrived home after a journey of over ten hours and 357 miles.   Next time, I`ll know better than to trust diversion signs which seemed to be hiding away in cold storage; but was it worth it?   You bet, just for the delight of the Roseland in mid summer. 

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