Wednesday, February 26, 2014


I confess to very seldom acting on impulse.  Perhaps as a box-to-box midfield dynamo for Maidstone Dolphins, with a good engine and an eye for a pass, I may have acted more on instinct than impulsiveness....and there is a difference, of course.  

Something else I seldom do is impulse buying - I suppose it comes from being a `needer` rather than a `wanter,` so when I think I need to invest in something new I can spend ages researching stuff, reading reviews, inspecting the options.  For some months now I`ve quite fancied the idea of upgrading my camera and I`ve bought the magazines, been round the shops, read all the reviews and, so far, haven`t made up my mind as to which one to go for.   By which time, of course, new models have appeared on the market, technology has moved on and so I`m still using the camera I always have as bewilderment and uncertainty have taken their toll.

But just in the last few days, I have surprised myself.  After months of wet, dark, miserable, depressing winter, I felt the need for a change scenery and after a swift consultation with Mrs. Snopper and Barney our Retriever (who still doesn`t retrieve) I got on the phone and booked the only week left until October in the haven of reason and tranquillity that is the Roseland on the south coast of Cornwall.   

The pace of life down there can be summed up by the booking procedure with the holiday cottage company:-  

"Well, with the dog as well, that comes to £301, sir."

"Hang on a minute, I`ll get my debit card," I said.

"Sorry, sir, we don`t do cards.  If you can put a cheque in the post that will be fine."

.....and so, Royal Mail permitting, we`ll be off back to Rosevine again in a week or two and despite having been there time and again, I find it hard to keep my excitement in check.

Now my first reaction to this episode was that it was pretty much out of character for me to do something so impetuously, so suddenly, without giving it too much thought.  I worried whether, just for once, I had actually made an impulse purchase;  but I think it may really have been an act of sheer desperation.   Not just to escape the noise of the south east, the noise of politics, of world events, of unsocial media and all the rest of what laughingly constitutes living in in this mad world, but really to reconnect with the sanity, the charm and wonder that I find in that quiet undemanding corner of the south-west.

So I guess I`ve settled for desperation....and kept impulsiveness for another day.

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