Sunday, February 09, 2014


This week`s footy round-up has a sadly poignant ring to it.  But first, congratulations to Mr. Slightly`s ever improving Gillingham who made the 700-mile round trip to Carlisle and came away with another three points after a spirited 2-1 victory to see them climb to 11th in the League One table.   Over the moon next door yet again.

As for my Saints, well, they were held to a 2-2 draw at home to Stoke City, now managed by former Saint Mark Hughes and so retain their ninth place in the Premier League. There are reports this morning that `the big guns` are once again looking to pounce for some of our young stars emerging from the Academy.    Manchester United and Chelsea want Luke Shaw, Liverpool are after Jay Rodrigues and Arsenal, not content with nicking Theo Walcott and Alex Oxtail-Chamberlain, are eyeing up Callum Chambers.   What really gets to me is the appalling arrogance of these `big clubs` who seem to feel they are entitled to make such overtures on the assumption that clubs like Southampton will just roll over and let it happen.   

But the most disheartening news this week comes from Bristol City.   In the week, they played Coventry City at home and lost 2-1.   But just before the final whistle, our street`s hero Scott Wagstaff suffered a nasty shoulder injury which not only kept him out of yesterday`s game but is likely to see him sidelined for six weeks or so. Here`s a short video of the incident:-  

A nasty collision resulting in fact that the medical experts have instructed him not to mark any future goals he might score by performing his trademark celebration - The Brick!  Now this is a serious business, not just for Scott and his shoulder but also for the future of The Brick.   The Bristol City fans will doubtless be sick as parrots although, like the rest of Waggy`s anxious public, they will not only wish him well for a full and speedy recovery but also be intrigued as to what contortion might in future take The Brick`s place.  

I suggest that bulletins should be posted on the railings of Ashton Gate to keep us posted on Scotty`s progress and prepare us for his next celebratory wheeze.

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