Thursday, February 27, 2014


So, Chelsea managed to draw 1-1 away in Istanbul last night - always a difficult place to go.  In recent days, the Special One has more or less blamed his strikers for the team`s lack of goals.  Which at first glance seems reasonable enough; after all they are the ones whose job it is to bury the ball in the back of the net in return for which they receive shedloads of wonga.

But then it is the job of Jose Mourinho and all the other managers and coaches to get the best out of the players in their charge.   Now most of Mourinho`s fellow Premier League managers at least take responsibility for any failings by their teams.  Why, even David Moyes (for whom I feel an illogical increasing sympathy) had the grace to hold his hand up when the damned United got stuffed in Athens the other evening.   But the Chelsea boss, he`s different.

Someone - I can`t for the life of me remember who - once described the art of delegation as taking the credit when things go well and blaming others when they don`t.   I wonder who they had in mind.

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