Friday, February 07, 2014

They`re at it already.  The other evening a news programme was cut short for a Party Political broadcast on behalf of the Liberal Democrats.  Up pops Nick Clegg but instead of going on about the real issues of the day, not least the flooding, he ranted on about how stupid and short sighted we would all be to vote for UKIP at the forthcoming European Elections.  It would be bad for the economy, bad for Britain`s place in the great scheme of things, bad for jobs and, you name it, it would be bad.  Rather we should vote for the Lib Dems who would ensure that the economy was successful, unemployment a thing of the past and everything would be simply wonderful.

Today, Dave Cameron has been going on about how awful it would be if the Scots voted to leave the Union in their upcoming referendum.   Bad for their economy, bad for jobs, bad for Scotland to be cast adrift in an uncertain future.  Instead, they should vote to stay as part of the United Kingdom thus ensuring a splendidly secure and prosperous future.

Now I don`t know about you, but I get tired of being preached at, talked down to, told what I should do and how I should think.   I simply don`t believe Cameron believes himself what he is saying;  rather I suspect he wouldn`t mind if the Scots said `Goodbye,` and left him just about fireproof in future elections, given the majority Conservative vote in England and the disappearance in the Westminster parliament of so many Scottish Labour seats.

As for Nick Clegg, I`ve never really come to terms with the fact that someone whose party came a poor third in the last election can apparently hold so much sway in terms of policy making and political influence and thus feel entitled to start telling us what he thinks we should all be doing.  I wonder if they and their ilk realise that the more they adopt these headmasterly poses, the more they alienate the electorate.

And so, given my own innate curmudgeonliness, my deep rooted cynicism of all things political and my penchant for minor rebellion, I will ignore the sermons of these preacher men and draw upon my natural reactions by doing the exact  opposite of what they are imploring me to do ....and hope the Scots do the same.  It may be irresponsible...but at least it`s honest.

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Ray Turner said...

I too am "...tired of being preached at, talked down to, told what I should do and how I should think."

That's why I am Independent.

And completely unemployable these days...