Sunday, July 19, 2015


And so another of life`s elusive milestones has been achieved.  As I lay mewling and puking in the gloom of The Verne on Portland`s granite isle all of 76 years ago this minute, I never imagined that here I would be, 76 years later, reaching yet another landmark in life`s rich pageant.   And I can`t begin to tell you how grateful I am for the privilege of still being here with most of my `faculties` still working well enough for me to appreciate it.

So I`ve had a look at the company I keep - those born on the same day - and I see that the selection is `mixed.` Amongst others Benedict Cumberbatch is 38 today; Brian May 67, Nicola Sturgeon is 44, Vitali Klitschko 43, Helen Skelton 31 - youngsters all - and Degas the painter and decorator was born on this day in 1834.

And it seems that in most years someone of `note` was born on 19th July, although Wikipedia`s list shows that some were born in 1938 and some in 1940 but none in 1939, when the 19th fell on a Wednesday, hence me being full of woe I imagine. I think that`s an omission that needs rectifying.  


Ray Turner said...

Congratulations Snopper. 76 is pretty good.
Keep going, don't stop. There are 101 cornets close behind....

Snopper said...

Thanks, Ray. I lol`d (again.)