Sunday, July 26, 2015


It`s interesting that the two female candidates for the Labour Leadership have started to play the `sexist` card in their increasingly desperate attempts to fend off the challenges from the two male candidates.   In many ways the whole thing is not only a bit of a shambles but also is becoming more entertaining, especially with the advent of Jeremy Corbyn who at least seems to believe in what he is saying even if no-one else does.

But Yvette Cooper - aka Mrs. Balls - has lead the counter offensive by asserting that both she and Liz Something, the other lady involved, are perfectly capable and certainly strong enough to lead the party and become Prime Minister, despite what Blair crony Lord Falconer may suggest.

She may be right but as she seems loath to stay at home and comfort Mr. Balls and the Balls children in their time of need following his own election defeat, perhaps she might consider the reality of how things were back in the day, when things were nicely straightforward.  Here`s what I mean:-

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Ray Turner said...

Liz Kendall. I think she'd be the best option for Labour at the moment.

Corbyn is from the Loony left whilst Burnham and Cooper have 'previous' from the Blair/Brown era Governments.

Electing Mrs Balls as leader would also be a very bad idea in itself...