Friday, July 17, 2015


I`ve just seen the lunchtime news and almost buried away among the reports of tragedy are two items that makes me glad I live in a civilised western democracy. 

The first is that the Government commitment to cap care costs for the over 65s and younger people with disabilities at £72,000 is to be delayed.   The commitment promised that this cap would be introduced in 2016 in England (care costs are already free in Scotland of course) but will not now happen until 2020 at the earliest.  In other words, it ain`t ever gonna happen, despite the manifesto pledge that it would.

The other was the report that UK air strikes have been taking place in Syria for some time, despite the fact that the UK Parliament voted against sanctioning such strikes as long ago as 2013.

So we have one instance where the Government said it would do something but isn`t going to and another instance where the Government said it would not do something, but is.   Ain`t life grand?


Ray Turner said...

A very good observation Snopper.

Snopper said...

Thank you, kind Sir.