Friday, July 31, 2015


So, BBC Political Editor Nick Robinson is off to join Radio 4`s Today programme starting later in August. Having shrugged off the shackles of political analysis, he is also making a documentary, to be shown on BBC1 later this year, about his idol, none other than `Sir` Alex Ferguson, the curmudgeonly former manager of Manchester United.

Now Ferguson is no stranger to these pages and those who follow my rants might recall my unbounded joy at the news that Ferguson had finally said goodbye to Old Trafford a couple of years ago.  At that point I reasonably expected that we might finally have seen and heard the last of him.  But since then he seems to have been in demand as a lecturer (at Harvard University if you please) on `management.`

It seems that Robinson has been a lifelong fanatical supporter of Manchester United - maybe coming from Macclesfield had something to do with it - but I thought he went perhaps a shade too far when describing Ferguson as `the greatest living Briton.`  It seems his admiration for Ferguson persuaded the BBC to commission the upcoming documentary, their agreement to which is puzzling, given that Ferguson refused to speak to the BBC for seven years amid issues concerning their reporting of Ferguson`s then football agent son.  Perhaps the BBC thought they owed Robinson something.

According to the BBC, Robinson and Ferguson will get `up close and personal` as the retired manager `discusses his leadership strategies and reveals the secrets behind his managerial career.`   Should be simple really.   Ferguson`s leadership strategy can perhaps best be summarised as management by rant, fear and intimidation allied to the liberal application of hair dryers, sustained abuse of match officials and a total absence of any respect for the authorities in charge of the game.

I suspect the whole documentary might have the effect of doing nothing to enhance Ferguson`s reputation whilst inflicting damage on Robinson`s own which until now has been nothing but enviable.  I think I`ll give it a miss.

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Ray Turner said...

Lol. Yes, I agree. It doesn't sound like a terribly exciting documentary. Probably wise to give it a miss...