Saturday, July 25, 2015

I noticed that the main headline story on the BBC news yesterday was all about the fact that Barrack Obama was off to Kenya and in the process relegating other `stories` such as Turkey, Iraq, Syria and things like the Channel Tunnel problems making Kent, the one time Garden of England, the Lorry Park of the south east.

The BBC news headline went on to include an interview which President Obama had given to the BBC`s North American Editor, Jon Sopel and, of course, the BBC - being the Europhile, leftish, publicly funded outfit they are -  could not pass up the chance to get the President`s views on Britain`s place in Europe.  Perhaps unsurprisingly and citing things like global influence being lost, Obama went to some lengths to declare himself unhappy with the prospect of the UK pulling out of Europe if the referendum results in that conclusion.

Now I had really expected Obama to be at least `neutral` on this issue, given that it isn`t for leaders of other countries to try to influence us in the way we may vote - it`s bad enough having our own leaders doing that -  but at least that exchange gave me the chance to have a mini-rant about two issues which trouble me - the BBC and the EU - and in the process kill two birds with one stone.

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