Monday, June 15, 2015


Well, I may not quite be up and running - more up and staggering - but I have missed these pages over the last few weeks and so I thought I would give it one more go and see whether, like me, my antediluvian computer is still up to the task.  So here goes.

We`ve been away again;  yet another visit to Cornwall and this time a return to the tranquillity of the captivating Roseland Peninsula on the south coast.   We`ve been there countless times now and yet there`s something about the area that brings a wistfulness, a longing to return time and again.   And so we have done just that.

I enjoy the peace of Gerrans Bay, the Llaregub-esque quirkiness of Portscatho, the grandeur of St. Anthony`s Head, the seduction of Molunan beach and the pines of Carricknath Point looking out at the wide expanse of Carrick Roads - just the sort of place where we can enjoy a fortnight there in just one week.   And yet there is a feeling that, for all kinds of reason, our visit last week may not come again - we may simply have exhausted what the Roseland has to offer;  we may have other places to experience;  and at nearly 76 I might just be getting a little weary of the drive, especially as last Friday it took us over nine hours to get home to deepest Kent.

The photo above, which I took last week - click on it for a larger image - shows the lane leading from Rosevine down to Porthcurnick beach, where the lane comes to an abrupt end with a panoramic view of Portscatho beyond.   We walked down that lane each day and each time I began to feel more and more like Houseman`s Shropshire Lad:-

Into my heart on air that kills
From yon far country blows.
What are those blue remembered hills
What spires, what farms are those?

That is the land of lost content
I see it shining plain.
The happy highways where I went
And cannot come again.


Ray Turner said...

Nice to see you back Snopper, even if it is a last gasp for your trusty computer. I've missed you over the last few weeks, but it is good to hear that you've had a nice holiday in Cornwall.

Snopper said...

Many thanks, Ray - much appreciated. Hope all is well with you down there in God`s own country. Very best wishes.