Tuesday, July 26, 2016


What a lovely picture of a happy family.  Just look at the happiness on the faces of those two little cherubs and the look of pride for their parents.   It really is heartwarming stuff, especially as they face the world and all that life throws at them knowing that they will be forever cocooned in a big bubble of privilege with nothing to worry or care about, thanks to the blind generosity of the Great British taxpayers.

Nothing personal, but I just wish for two things.  First, that we hear less and less about the goings on in their parallel universe and, second, that Theresa May should legislate to stop newspapers condemning us to special supplements of photos of these dear little poppets and the rest of their adoring family.  Maybe then the rest of us can be left in peace to get on with our own lives rather than being subjected to the meaningless antics of the privileged few.  End of rant of the day.

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