Friday, July 15, 2016


I was beginning to get worried about the number of women who seem to be taking over the world.  We`ve already got German Chancellor Angela Merkel, HM The Queen of course, along with the Queens of the Netherlands and Denmark, Scottish upstart Nicola Sturgeon (a big fish in a small pond if ever there was one) and another one who allegedly runs the International Monetary Fund. 

The Presidents of Brazil, the Marshall Islands, Taiwan, Nepal, Mauritius, Croatia and Malta are all women, possibly to be joined by the next President of the United States.  Finland has a woman Prime Minister and now so do we - Theresa May, who seems to be shaping up as Margaret Thatcher without the handbag.

So I got worried about who is going to do the ironing, until I read a University research programme which revealed that, for the women of the world, ironing is not only an enjoyable experience but also one which is therapeutic, relaxing and satisfying in ways that us menfolk cannot really comprehend.  Panic over then.

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