Tuesday, July 12, 2016


I haven`t said much - or, indeed, anything - about the  European Championships held in France over the last month.  For fans of England there has been nothing to cheer and everything to dampen the spirits still further. 

The shambolic `performance` of the overpaid, over-hyped England team was mercifully short lived, thanks to a deserving Iceland team which showed the true meaning of team spirit.  The other disturbing, embarrassing even, episode was the customary hooliganism and rioting which took place between England and Russia `fans` at Marseilles.

The tournament`s more satisfying moments came courtesy of Wales, Iceland and finally Portugal, from whom I can take at least a crumb of vicarious comfort as their Championship winning team included two Southampton players in their back four - Cedric Soares and Saints captain Jose Fonte.   

The response of the England `hierarchy` has been predictable - manager Roy Hodgson has gone and the search is on for a new, preferably English, manager to take the team into the World Cup qualifiers which are coming up shortly.   And that is where the sense of despair grows ever deeper.  It was worrying that, of all people, `arry (F`sure) Redknapp has apparently been `consulted` about the new manager position but  what is even more worrying is that `Big` Sam Allardyce is now a leading contender to take on the role.

I can`t make my mind up whether his appointment, if it happens, will bring back memories of Back to the Future or Jurassic Park.   

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