Sunday, August 10, 2014


To Southampton for yet another pilgrimage to St. Mary`s Stadium to see the Saints play Bayer Leverkusen in the final pre-season friendly before the `best league in the world (tm)` kicks off next weekend.  Normally, given a fair wind, the journey takes about two hours.  Yesterday, three and a half - and that`s going the pretty way, having given up with the M25 at Wisley and turned on to the A3/A31 to rejoin the M3 at Winchester.

It ruined my plans, which had included a visit to my boyhood village of Hythe, getting the ferry from there to Southampton and walking to the stadium,but time was against me, so I had to go straight to the city centre to park so as not to miss a rendezvous with `old` friends before the game.

The journey home was `OK` and I decided to come back the way I went.  I`m beginning to go off motorways anyhow - they`re dull, boring, monotonous and clogged up with traffic.  And at the end of my journey I witnessed a football match which saw the revamped Saints lose 1-0 to the German side, thanks to an unfortunate own goal scored by Saints` new striker, Graziano Pelle, who in the last couple of seasons has scored something like 58 goals in 76 games in the Dutch league, mostly in the right end I imagine.

In many ways, the new Saints team has rekindled the anxieties of the past and reminded me a bit of the M25 - clogged up in midfield, occasional glimpses of open country and with the final destination of burying the ball in the back of the opponents` goal proving ever more elusive.   I suspect the coming season, starting next week away at Liverpool, will be another long and winding road.

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Ray Turner said...

Saturday on the M25 in the middle of holiday season is always likely to be hard going.

A bit like supporting the Saints.

Lets hope the new team get a good start to the season and some momentum behind their campaign.