Friday, August 22, 2014


It`s strange how music can influence the mind.....or maybe how the mind can conjure up some music to fit the mood.  Anyway, whichever it may be, recent events in Ferguson, Missouri, have brought back images from those days we thought were long ago. 

And I`m still not sure whether those images from Missouri instantly brought to mind the haunting lyrics of Bruce Hornsby or whether listening to his music again immediately conjured up visions of those distressing events in America`s mid-west. Maybe I should leave you to judge but either way here it is.   On one level the musicality is there to be greatly admired but dig deep into the words and you might just see what I mean.  I guess that`s just the way it is - some things will never change - that`s just the way it is - but don`t you believe them:-

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