Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Well, the new Premier League season is now under way and for us Saints fans the early signs are `middling.`   A spirited 2-1 defeat away at Liverpool has been followed by a dull, lifeless 0-0 draw against West Brom at St. Mary`s.   The loss of a number of key players hasn`t helped although new manager Ronald Koeman is trying to rebuild the team and has already brought in some useful looking replacements.

I`ve been impressed with Koeman - another of football`s `legends` - he seems assured, competent, personable, determined - I like the cut of his jib and I wish him well.   Rumours abound concerning yet more signings as the transfer window nears the end of its useful life and currently there is speculation that Koeman wants to sign at least two more players before the window slams shut.  One of those is Atletico Madrid`s Belgian international defender Toby Alderweireld who is also attracting the attention of Monaco.

I imagine that, even as I write, a brief rhetorical conversation is taking place between Toby and his agent.  It probably goes like this:-

"Well, Tobe, I`ve had a couple of offers for you.  One is from Monaco, the sun-drenched luxurious millionaire tax haven on the Mediterranean coast, where the football club has again qualified for the European Champions League and who are rolling in cash so they can offer you a big upgrade on your wages here at Atletico.  Err....the other offer is from Southampton."

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Ray Turner said...

I would have thought that coming to Southampton was the more obvious choice for any footballer, given the big money in the Premiership....?