Friday, August 01, 2014


Well, the backlash from our recent encounter with the travelling community lingers on it seems.   The local weekly newspaper was published this morning and it included quite a chunky article about the incident, detailing the experiences of the authorities to get them to move along, the measures taken to clean up the site and the steps being taken to try to prevent a recurrence.  

The article also  included a quote from the local vicar, who reportedly said, "They were good people.  They have a different way of living to the rest of us."   Now I`m quite sure the vicar has been misquoted for surely he has the best interests of his flock at the forefront of his concerns, rather than those of itinerant malcontennts who caused criminal damage, behaved inexcusably and caused great distress to local residents.  Otherwise it raises once again the priorities of Her representatives on Earth.

Also today a letter from no less than four local Borough Councillors has arrived with the intention of clearly setting out the action apparently taken by the Council to resolve the problems caused by the arrival of our travelling friends.  I earnestly hope that this issue is not becoming one which is reduced to political points scoring.   Otherwise it raises once again the innate shallowness of local politicians, who are prone to the misguided notion that local residents/electors are impressed by such defensive gestures.


Ray Turner said...

Did the Travellers go to Church last Sunday, I wonder, perhaps donating generously to the Church restoration fund...?

Snopper said...

Apparently they left some money with the church to pay for a skip for all the rubbish they left behind. `Token gesture` springs to mind. Anyway they are now encamped on the Common in Royal Tunbridge Wells - the residents are disgusted, of course.