Thursday, December 05, 2013


There has been much - arguably too much - media interest in Tom Daley`s announcement that he is in a relationship with `a guy.`  Shock, horror, whatever next?  But it strikes me as odd that he felt the need to do it at all and particularly to appear on a toe curling YouTube video.   Anyway, to each his own, but it has given fuel to the gossipy, ultra-modern, ribbon-wearing, right on, trendy, twitter and f***book obsessed, sad `celebs` who feel it their duty to show their support, however superficial and self-serving it may be, by citing Mr. Daley as being `brave` and a beacon of hope for the less assertive.

Now as one who was brought up in a world where certain `preferences` were actually illegal, I have not found it easy to adjust to the times that are a-changing, but I have reached the point whereby I genuinely don`t care and would prefer not to hear about the private life that anyone might have.  It just doesn`t matter to me and I`m not interested. And I`m especially not interested in all the media coverage, the YouTube stuff, the pages and pages written by people with nothing more relevant with which to concern themselves.

And so, being of a different persuasion to that of Mr. Daley and his chum, I have no occasion to `come out,` as such, to appear on YouTube or to hope that my own perhaps more `traditional status` will attract any sort of publicity, approval or even admiration.   Although maybe it`s time there were a few charities - even Government-funded ones - devoted to the cause of helping people like me, dishing out ribbons for us to wear to announce pride in our own `status` and arranging annual parades as a kind of `So there` bit of nose-thumbing to the rest of the world.   But then, people wouldn`t want to hear about all that, would they?


Ray Turner said...

Tom who...?

Snopper said...

You`ve got it in one, Ray.