Friday, December 13, 2013


Quelle surprise!!  The other day I mentioned that I had written to the Cabinet Office about the cost of Government Christmas cards and I enquired whether, if they were funded by us taxpayers, it was about time I had one.   Amongst the trickle of cards that arrived today was one from Dave and Samantha, in a smart envelope with 10 DOWNING STREET emblazoned on the back, thanking me for thinking of them at Christmas time.   A Yuletide wonder if ever there was one but it just shows that if you don`t ask, you don`t get.

So I`m impressed, not only with the card but also with the fact that Dave managed to work it in to his busy schedule, what with flying down to South Africa and back, fending off Prime Minister`s Questions in the Commons and yet still finding time to send a Yuletide greeting to an elderly pensioner at this stressful time of the year.

Mind you, I suspect the truth is that my e-mail the other day landed on a desk in some dark recess of Government, quite possibly in the Department for Dealing with Cranks (DfDwC) whose role in life must be to deal with approaches from the bewildered and the misguided who, like me, lead their lives in blissful innocence.   Trouble is, now that they have my name and address, I might find myself on some crank offenders register.   

So maybe I should just be grateful for small mercies and leave things at that, although I notice I haven`t had an answer to my query about the cost of the Government`s Yuletide largesse.  Ah well, it`s the season of maybe I`ll pursue that line of enquiry once the euphoria of celebrating Santa`s birthday has subsided.

Ding dong merrily on high.


Ray Turner said...

OOOh, well done Snopper. Embarrasing the DfDwC into sending you Xmas card is a real achievement.

Perhaps you should try asking for something else, besides a Christmas card...?

Snopper said...

Good idea, Ray. I once knew someone who nominated himself for an OBE - and he got one! If you don`t as and all that?