Tuesday, December 10, 2013


As you can see from the picture, Prime Minister Dave Cameron is busy writing out his Christmas cards.   I discovered that he sends cards to literally hundreds of people around the world - other Prime Ministers, Heads of State, religious leaders, that kind of thing and I don`t have a problem with any of that.   Of course, cards that he sends privately to friends and family are paid for by him but I suspect the `official` cards along with the postage are paid for by us taxpayers.

If that pattern is repeated across all Government departments then the bill must be pretty big.  So, given that I`ve paid tax for 50 years or so, I`ve written to the Cabinet Office asking how much Dave`s official cards, along with the postage, are costing us and if it`s true that the taxpayers are paying, then can I please have one myself?   I`ve given him my address if he cares to take me up on the offer.

I went to buy some admittedly second class stamps today and 36 stamps cost me £18.00 -  quite probably more than the cards cost - so if Dave does send me one, I`m not sure I can afford to return the compliment, what with being an elderly pensioner struggling to survive on a fixed income in difficult financial times.   Jingle bells?


Ray Turner said...

Therein lies one of the many problems with Christmas.

We continuing the Victorian tradition of sending Xmas cards but these days it is often to people we interact with on a daily basis, via phone, email, Twitter, Facebook, other social media or even face-to face.

Happy Xmas Snopper...!

Snopper said...

Jingle bells, Ray - I`ve been quoted as saying that the best thing about Christmas is January, but I still think the Simpsons got it right when they said that Christmas is a time when we should remember Santa`s birthday.

Anyway, Merry Xmas Ray.