Friday, June 21, 2013


This is a photo I took last year when, once again, we visited Porth Joke on the north Cornwall coast near to Crantock.  It`s one of those places that draws us back time after time and next week, when we`ll be staying up the coast near Padstow, I doubt we will be able to resist a visit to Polly Joke once more.  (Who knows?  At our age, as Chris Rea said,  you never know when the hammer will fall....some folks get lucky they don`t feel it at all.)   So it`s good to do the things we like to do whilst we can still do them. 

As for Padstow, I`ve long suspected that the best time to go there is on May Day, when the rival Blue and Red `Osses cavort through the town to the most beguiling songs and the whole place is alive with the joy that summer is a cummin` in.  Anyway, I guess we`ll be visiting Padstow if for no other reason than to go into Rick Stein`s restaurant and ask if they do egg and chips.   Back in a week or so.


Ray Turner said...

Sounds good. Hope you have (or have had) a good time. Sure you will !

Snopper said...

Many thanks, Ray - a good week indeed, capped off by a visit to Padstow....but only to go to Tesco`s