Sunday, March 30, 2008

From Paulo di Canio, our Gastronomic correspondent
This year`s annual family lunch saw Snopper being entertained by understanding relatives at the Wealden Hall Restaurant in the sleepy backwater of downtown Larkfield. This establishment, pictured above in a quiet moment, occupies a former 15th century coaching house and has achieved an enviable reputation for its Italian cuisine. Now, as I have reported previously, Snopper doesn`t `do` Italian, French, Indian, Chinese, Thai or anything else remotely foreign. Until now, that is.
During the week, it seems that the restaurant`s menu is intrinsically Italian in its make-up. However, either in a spirit of pandering to the narrow confines of their guests` Anglo Saxon tastes or because they had been pre-warned of Snopper`s arrival, today`s menu also contained a selection of traditional Sunday roasts.
In a surprise reciprocal move, however, Snopper swept caution to the wind and downed a bowl of minestrone soup. This was quickly followed by a hearty helping of roast beef, yorkshire pud and sensible vegetables, so balance was once more restored. If it had been a tennis match, the score would probably stand at deuce, although the determined consumption of the Italianate minestrone might well lead to Snopper`s advantage..

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