Friday, March 01, 2013


Yesterday`s results in the Eastleigh by-election are producing the predictable responses from the candidates that we always get on these occasions.  But then we`re dealing with politicians and their tenuous hold on reality.   I suppose it was also predictable that the only responses we`ve heard, at least so far, have come from the main contenders out of the 17 candidates who were on offer.  Pity that, as I would like to have heard what the Wessex Nationalists had to say.

Some are sick as parrots, of course - chiefly the Conservatives who came a poor third to the UK Independence Party who, having come second in the election, have every reason to be over the moon.  The winning candidate for the LibDems seems almost to have won the seat by default, but perhaps the good folk of Eastleigh, in returning a LibDem candidate with a greatly reduced majority, have taken a fancy to controversy and scandal and are now eagerly awaiting what, if anything, can be raked up about the latest LibDem MP.

Now If you listen to the reactions of those who were unsuccessful, especially from Labour and the Conservatives, the usual trite clich├ęs are being trotted out - "it`a a mid-term by-election," there will be a different result in the general election," "people are registering their dissatisfaction with the way things are at the moment," we will redouble our efforts to ensure we take the seat next time," and most worrying of all - "this was a mid-term protest vote but UKIP have no chance of winning at the general election."

Well, maybe it`s just me, but I live in hope that it`s none of the above;  instead that it might just be something more - even perhaps something of a true reflection of the hellplessness felt by more and more people about the black hole of the European Union.  

But I`m old enough to know that, whilst hope is one thing that may spring eternal, expectation is quite another.   After all, it was the bard himself who proclaimed that `expectation is the root of all heartache.` 


Ray Turner said...

I think that the result at a General Election would be different, for a very good reason.

At a by-election, we don't have to worry about who's going to form the next Government. We have the luxury of being able to vote for whoever we think is the best person to represent Eastleigh, without having to concern ourselves with the question of who's going to end up running the country.

I certainly voted differently to how I would have done if it were a General Election.

As for the minor candidates, I am expecting their speeches to be reported in an item on Eastleigh News soon, which Stephen is currently working on. He tells me he's up to 3000 words...!

Although I was there at the count, I won't try to quote Colin Bex as I was busy Twittering at the time, trying to inform the world of the result whilst Stephen was recording the speeches. Good teamwork, but consequently I was only half listening to what Colin Bex said...!

I do however have an email address for Colin Bex. I'll mail him a link to this posting Snopper, perhaps he'll give you his thoughts first-hand...?

Snopper said...

Many thanks, Ray. If I had known you were at the count I might have been tempted to stay up and watch it. Or maybe not.

It must be galling for Colin to have been outvoted by Elvis, the Loony and the Beer candidate but I hope he sticks with it as I have an innate fondness for minority underdogs. Maybe that`s why I`m a Saints fan too?

Wessex said...

Entering Eastleigh as an unknown, at some £60 per
vote, this was the most expensive contest for me
to date, but I do not regret proceeding and enjoyed
the event immensely.

Whilst not a good message to those we want to
awaken, nonetheless, the hope is that the publicity
will do its trick for another occasion.

With hindsight, clearly the usual suspects were
desperate to stich-up the vote by means of saturation
canvassing by telephone and letter-box stuffing to
excess. with UKIP mopping up the protest vote.

However, the fact that almost as many abstained as
those who voted, bodes ill for 'democracy', the 'winner'
returned with less than 17% support from the constituency.

In future it seems clear that it will be necessary to build
up local bases in all eight counties of Wessex before the
general election - preferably with local candidates standing
in preference to outsiders, unless the latter have full lacking
from the local group.

Now we must wait to see what scandals if any unfold in
Eastleigh under their new incumbent.

If you hear of anyone interested in setting up such a base
for a Wessex Regionalist candidate anywhere in the region,
please let me know or give them my e-address we can start work again as
soon as possible....!

All good wishes
Colin Bex Parliamentary candidate
Wessex Regionalists - the party for Wessex

Snopper said...

Many thanks, Colin, and I am full of admiration for your determination and, of course, your cause. As a native of Dorset but brought up at Hythe on Southampton Water, it`s my part of the world, despite having lived here in deepest Kent for over 50 years.

I just wonder whether there would be any enthusiasm for a Mebyon Cantii - after all we`ve got a cathedral or two - one at Canterbury and another called Bluewater.

More seriously, I admire and support the efforts of Mebyon Kernow (my second home really) and I wish you all success in your own heartfelt and genuine campaign.