Friday, August 07, 2015


I see that the other day Dave Cameron was asking for a timetable for the publication of the Chilcot Report into the Iraq debacle.  I`ve just about given up with this.  The Iquiry began in 2009 and finished taking witness statements over four years ago, since when progress towards final publication has been thwarted by the process of allowing those who are likely to be criticised in the report to be `consulted.`  

In addition, of course, there has been the ongoing wrangling about whether the details of the Blair/Bush communications in the lead up to the war can be included in Chilcot`s report.  Not so much "Yes, Minister," more "Not sure about that, Minister."  What compounds the litany of felonies is the fact that the Inquiry has so far cost us taxpayers over £10 million and still no sign of any answers.   No wonder Dave is getting annoyed - or so he says - and he has now demanded that Sir John Chilcot comes up with a timetable and a publication date which of itself may take some time to materialise, if indeed it ever does.

Seems to me the only real solution is to have a full Judicial Public Inquiry into why the Chilcot Inquiry is taking so long to finalise its report. That should keep the establishment happy for another few years whilst continuing to prolong the agony of the families who lost loved ones in that abominable misadventure.

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Ray Turner said...

Yes indeed Snopper. The report from this inquiry is well & truly in the long grass at the moment. If Labour had won the election, I suspect it would have been completely buried..