Tuesday, August 25, 2015


Just read that Jermain Defoe is going to pay someone £60,000 a year to carry out a range of menial tasks that he can`t be bothered to do for himself.  That`s about what Defoe gets in about three days.   Then the sullen egotist rumoured to manage Chelsea is complaining about his captain, John (the leg-end) Terry, being sent off in the weekend`s game, although this is the same Terry fighting to retain his place in the starting line-up and seemingly going out of fashion for Morinho.

I then heard that Manchester United, not content with unsettling Saints` very own pacey flanker, Sadio Mane, and snaffling Saints` defensive midfielder Morgan Schneiderlin, are reportedly to offer £240million for Brazilian international Neymar if they can`t prize ex-Saint Gareth Bale away from Real Madrid.  The arrogance is breathtaking but sadly typical for them.  At the last count, Neymar became the 103rd player linked with a move to Old Trafford in this transfer window so it`s entirely possible that he won`t get a game.

It all adds to the nonsense, the unthinking excess, the pantomime fantasy world of the self-styled Best League in the World (tm) and I begin to wonder for how long it can be sustained before genuine supporters, purchasers of razor blades and television subscribers have had enough.

And to cap it all, the BBC have recruited `Big` Sam Allardyce, who has all the charm of a charging rhinoceros, to give us the benefit if his neolithic insights as a pundit on Match of the Day.   The Premier League has only been going for a couple of weeks and already it`s no wonder that my heart sinks.

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Ray Turner said...

£60,000 a year wouldn't tempt me to work for Defoe...