Sunday, August 09, 2015


You feel it in your bones when something doesn`t seem quite right.  There are lots of examples, like the one pictured, but here we are on a glorious day in high summer, England have regained the Ashes in exemplary style and you would think that all is well in my world.

But then along comes football once more after what seems but a week or two since last season ended and already I have the weird, out of time notion that cricket should really be left in peace to play out its season before the madness of the Premier league assails our senses once more.

Well, I said it was a weird notion, one which is most assuredly out of time and which harks back to those days when I would finish playing cricket for the village team one Saturday, a quick mow and a bit of line marking and off we would go and play football the following Saturday - a pattern repeated at all levels of the two games in those halcyon days long, long ago.   But I think what saddens me most is that the imperious victory of the England cricket team is already being overshadowed by the antics of Mr. Scudamore`s all embracing `product.`  And as I write, yet another felony is compounded by the Saints being 2-1 down away at Newcastle. 

UPDATE :   It ended 2-2 although Saints would have won it at the death had Sadio Mane not missed two golden opportunities.  Still, if someone had offered me that before the game I would have bitten their hand off and taken that, to be fair.   But however much the clichés of football`s lexicon return to my consciousness, it`s still not cricket and it still doesn`t feel quite right.


Ray Turner said...

Any distraction from the monotony of cricket is welcome in this household. Even the premature return of Premiership football...!

I suppose a point at Newcastle isn't too bad. We'd have been grateful for that a few seasons ago, but I was expecting more after Saints two competitive Euro games recently...

Snopper said...

Thanks, Ray. Maybe you have to have played the game to really appreciate it? For me, cricket is part of the spirit of summer and football brings thoughts of winter, which will arrive all too quickly.

Should have been three points, but I`ll settle for the one.