Saturday, August 08, 2015


Apropos Dave Cameron and his defence of allowing senior civil servants to be overruled by his Ministers, there is the suggestion that he was `mesmerised` by the tantalising persona of one Camila Batmangelidjh, rumoured still to be the founder of the Kids Company charity, into nodding through a series of taxpayer funded grants to keep the charity going. The last one - for £3 million - was nodded through against civil service advice just days before the charity folded.

Now I hesitate to get in any way involved in the kerfuffle that has caused but as one of the aforementioned taxpayers, I might just be interested in how my hard earned cash has been used.   And I really don`t want to stray into the realms of personal criticism, far from it, but I`m beginning to be mesmerised as to how much taxpayers` money has gone towards not only haute couture but also haute cuisine.   And as far as Dave is concerned, I can only conclude that he`s easily mesmerised.

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