Tuesday, March 11, 2014


A curious weekend`s footy for Snopper Street`s ardent fans.  It`s unusual for each of our teams to win their games in the same weekend and normally it would see much dancing in the streets and assertions of being over the moon, but somehow this weekend`s results have been met with muted celebrations.  I wonder why.

Let`s start with Bristol City, for whom our street`s buzzin` footy icon Scott (`Sixpack`) Wagstaff displays his prowess as a hard working pacy wideman.   Now Scotty has been out with an injured shoulder ever since he came to grief in an aerial clash with a Coventry City defender over a month ago.   He finally made it back to the bench in Saturday`s away encounter at Shrewsbury and it was clear that his brooding presence was sufficient threat to his team mates for them to be inspired to a well earned 3-2 win which will help cement their place in the lower reaches of League One mid-table.

As for my Saints, well, they went to Selhurst Park and came away with a 1-0 victory thanks to a first half goal from Jay Rodriguez - an effort which must surely go down as the only goal scored by a striker from 25 yards out from a sedentary position.  Saints are now marooned in ninth place in the Premier League, which is where they are likely to end the season so it`s all becoming a little low key with little to play for except seats on the plane to Brazil.

But surely even my neighbour Mr. Slightly must be happy with Gillingham`s 1-0 win over Crawley, thanks to an 88th minute goal from Charlie Lee which not only further justified his investment in a season ticket but also further cemented the Gills` place in League One mid-table.

At the end of the day, if at the start of the season we would be told that each of our teams would end it in mid-table, then we would have bitten someone`s hand off.  To be fair.

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