Sunday, March 02, 2014


Unless I`m mistaken, there are laws to prevent bullying.  I`ve looked it up.  And I`ve discovered that the kind of bullying that can lead to arrest and conviction include:-

......repeated harassment or intimidation (such as name calling, threats and abusive telephone calls, e-mails or text messages.)

So it strikes me as odd that with each passing day, the Scots are threatened with dire consequences if they vote for independence.   They`ve been told there will be no currency union with the remainder of the UK, they will not have automatic membership of the EU, leading businesses are threatening to move south of the border and the Scots face the threat of having no BBC or even automatic entry into the Eurovision Song Contest.

Of course the heat is rising but I wonder if the bullies dishing out these threats and intimidation are in any way mindful of the Scots` reputation for dourness.   This endearing trait could be extended to downright bloody mindedness, leading to many Scots now saying they will vote in favour of independence just to demonstrate their distaste at the manner in which they are being so patronised by the Westminster rabble and the die-hard unionists.   Dodgy tactics never work. Just ask Mauricio Pochettino.........

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