Saturday, August 06, 2016


......but then again I just might.  Just one of the many intriguing lines from Mike Nesmith`s `Rio.`  Now I`m not too sure about the Olympics;  mired in controversy; serious social `issues` in Rio de Janeiro;  protests against the inordinate costs of staging the Games;  tales of pollution for the sailing competitors to navigate through;  the Russian furore; and, as ever in recent times, the uncertainty as to whether we`ll be watching athletic competitions or one between chemists.

The BBC, of course, have far more people there than the whole of the GB contingent - saturation coverage across all `platforms and devices` - so no wonder Mrs. Snopper is once again sorely miffed that Casualty has been binned for a few weeks.

There may be the odd moment of inspiration - I genuinely hope there is - but I have serious doubts whether, like the Premier League, the `product` can be sustained in the face of growing cynicism (especially from curmudgeons like me.)   Anyway,to bring a little light relief, here`s Mike Nesmith`s version of what Rio might be about.  

Or is it Reno? .......

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