Thursday, August 04, 2016

.......when you remember hearing a favourite piece of music?   OK, my musical tastes are very wide and I can vividly remember where I was when I first heard, say, Vaughan Williams Folk Song Suite or Holst`s Planets or even Mozart`s Laudate Dominum.   

And on the other side of my musical spectrum I still recall having parked at Southampton`s Town Quay, paid the parking fee, sat in the car eating my `packed lunch` - a couple of pork pies and a few biscuits - and tuning into Radio Solent for the pre-match build up of Southampton`s home game at St. Mary`s.   And then an interview with Saints skipper Jason Dodd followed by the first time I ever heard The Sundays - the beguiling Harriet Wheeler singing `Here`s where the Story ends.`

Not sure I`ve ever heard it played on the radio ever since but it has locked itself away in my memory as one of my favourite songs, favourite groups and most definitely favourite singers.  Maybe a relatively obscure group and certainly Harriet may not have received the fame and recognition she deserves, although I suspect that relative obscurity suits her just fine.   

Anyway, here`s the song I heard on that faraway afternoon awaiting my pilgrimage to St. Mary`s Stadium;  the odd thing is that I have never forgotten the song but I have no idea who the Saints played that afternoon or what the result may have been.  Music can do that to you sometimes........

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