Sunday, June 26, 2016


I`m having mixed feelings about the European Football Championship going on in France. There is a good deal of Saints related interest for me in some of the games and yesterday`s clash between Northern Ireland, captained by Saints` Steven Davis and Wales, featuring former Saint Gareth Bale, was a case in point.  So I wasn`t sure which team to support.

In the end, Wales won 1-0 thanks to an own goal by Northern Ireland`s Gareth McAuley. Not sure about the fairness of the result as Northern Ireland seemed to be the better of the two teams.  But, of course, it`s the final result that matters, isn`t it?  

My picture shows deflated Northern Ireland manager Michael O`Neill applauding disappointed fans at the final whistle.  And he has every right to be deflated, although I`m not sure about the idea that, as the result was very close, arguably incorrect, grossly unfair and leaving the supporters in a state of angry frustration, then the game should be replayed.   Sadly for the losers, I don`t think it works like that.

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