Wednesday, June 22, 2016


OK.  Back to the music.  About 30 years ago during a former life, I was asked to be interviewed for the then Radio Medway`s (it`s now BBC Radio Kent, having spread its wings) series based on the national `Down Your Way` programme.  

The format was pretty straightforward - the BBC presenter would visit a local village, chat to local people and ask them each to choose a piece of music they would like to hear on the radio. 

When it came to my turn I was `advised` to choose something that would not disturb the peace of Sunday afternoon too much - as that was when the programme was broadcast - and I recalled from the days of my boyhood, listening to Down Your Way on my parents` old Cossor Steam Radio that people used to choose things like `In a Monastery Garden,` Mantovani, lots of Elgar and Ivor Novello  - stuff like that.

I thought I should try and push the BBC`s envelope a bit, introduce some edginess into the proceedings, see whether they would go along with my carefully considered `choice.`  To my surprise, they did and dutifully played this ELO classic from their `Time` album.    I thought it rather fitted my image as a modern man back in those faraway 1980s..........I`m still trying    Here`s `21st Century Man............

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