Wednesday, July 09, 2014


Well, I stayed up after the watershed to watch the end of the World Cup semi-final last night and, like millions of others witnessed the extraordinary result of Brazil being overrun by   Germany 7 - 1.   I suppose it was yet another triumph of organisation and determination over hope and expectation but at times it was more a demonstration of ruthless efficiency.   

This was particularly borne out by the fury expressed by the German players when they conceded Brazil`s solitary `consolation` goal deep into time added on at the end of the game.  It was also clear that at no time was there even the slightest hint that the German team would `ease up` despite the game being done and dusted by half time.

From a purely technical point of view the German performance was admirable and yet I was left feeling a little sorry for Brazil`s players, who seemed to have nothing to offer but their passion and enthusiasm until they too were extinguished by the relentless onslaught. There have been some memorable encounters during this World Cup, evenly matched games full of enterprise with close results, extra time, penalties and all the stuff normally associated with football `at this level.`  

But last night saw ruthless efficiency writ large - it will be instructive to see if an answer to it emerges at next Sunday`s Final - and for the sake of the beautiful game, I hope it does.  After all, unlike other forms of victory, winning a football match should be about much more than that.

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Ray Turner said...

The World Cup has dropped off my radar since England were eliminated, but I did spot (on Twitter) that something extraordinary was happening.

I feel sorry for the Brazilian supporters, who would have been distraught after that kind of result in the semi finals....