Monday, July 28, 2014


We are fortunate to live in a small village in Kent.  The photo on the right shows a bit of the village green. Admittedly the photo taken in winter doesn`t really do it justice but in the height of summer it`s a pleasant spot, with a stream running through it, picnic tables and a nice play area for the children and we local residents don`t mind the occasional visitors, parking nearby and letting them and their children enjoy it.

The occasional visitor is one thing but it`s quite a different matter when about 18 `travellers` uproot a gatepost, remove fencing and drive their 18 vehicles, along with caravans and white vans, onto the green.   This happened towards the end of last week and this is what the same area looks like this evening:-

Now of course the local council has followed the correct procedure and is applying for a court order tomorrow so that our visitors can `move along, please.`  That takes time and we all understand that but it`s all the other issues, apart from the trespass, that have caused so much distress to local residents over the weekend.  Issues such as sanitation, or the lack of it resulting in bushes being used for various bodily functions;  public order issues over such things as foul and abusive language to local people, night time disturbances, the contamination of the little stream running through the park and the rubbish and litter all over the site.

And, of course, once our visitors have departed, it will be the local council who have to clean up the mess and return the area to its original state, erect more fencing and gates, all at the expense of the local council taxpayers.

I`m told that `even` the travellers have human rights, which is an intriguing concept as it implies that they have a right to cause criminal damage, effect forced entry and commit a number of offences, whereas the rights of local residents to live in peace and harmony are shattered by those who seem to be able to run roughshod over the law of the land.  To be fair to them, the `authorities` are doing what they can so my recollection of life`s three great lies might be a little unfair.  They are, of course."I`ll respect you in the morning!,"  "The cheque is in the post!," and "I`m from the Council and I`m here to help you!!"

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Ray Turner said...

There should be a law against people, such as these Travellers, who act as though they are a law unto themselves.

Break that law and 'human rights' no longer count as a 'get out of jail' card...