Wednesday, May 10, 2017


Don`t know why but I`m having a period of sleepless nights. Well, I get off to sleep OK at the usual time and then, half way through the night, age-related bladder issues disturb my slumbers.  I get back in to bed, close my eyes and try to get back to where I was in my interrupted dream.  

Most times I lull myself into unconsciousness with my photographic memory of journeys to favoured destinations, mostly down the A303 towards the Devon or Cornwall coast and normally by the time my mind has travelled  as far as Wincanton I`ve fallen asleep again.

Lately, however, music has taken over and I find myself replaying favourite items of music in my mind.  Now, with soothing classics  like the Adagietto from Mahler`s 5th or the lilting strings of John Barry`s `Out of Africa` I have no problem dropping off.  But you know what it`s like - you get a piece of music in your head and you just can`t shift it.   Right now it`s Fleetwood Mac who are to blame and I keep replaying `Go your own way`and especially Lindsey Buckingham`s epic guitar along with Mick Fleetwood`s driving drums - not the kind of thing to lull me back to sleep.

Anyway, at least this gives me the excuse to play it on here.......Goodnight, all

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