Tuesday, October 18, 2016


To Rock so as to call in at the letting agents to confirm our holiday booking for next Spring.   Then on to Daymer Bay then a walk along the Greenaway to Polzeath.   Along the way we dropped down to Broadagogue Cove to look for cowries.  

Polzeath is famous for its surfing beach but the village has little else to commend it, so we ventured inland alongside a big caravan park.  All around this area there are memories of Sir John Betjeman and we arrived at Shilla Mill, a watermill built in 1591.  I`ll leave it to Sir John to describe it far better than I ever could:-

From where the coastguard houses stood
One used to see below the hill
The lichened branches of a wood
In summer silver cool and still;
And there the Shade of Evil could
Stretch out at us from Shilla Mill.
Thick with sloe and Blackberry,uneven in the light,
Lonely round the hedge, the heavy meadow was remote;
The oldest part of Cornwall was the wood as black as night,
And the pheasant and the rabbit lay torn open at the throat.

And I felt, as we staggered through the eerie silence of the wood, how he must have felt and that, away from the surf and pasties of Polzeath, the `oldest part of Cornwall` is there still.  We found our way back to the tranquillity of Trebetherick and wandered down the lane passing next Spring`s holiday haunt and I felt at home again and at peace.

Anyway, here`s the photo I took of Shilla Mill, now - almost inevitably - a holiday let....


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