Thursday, May 19, 2016


This was the scene last summer when our village green was invaded by a group of `travellers,` who curiously seemed to be reluctant to do any travelling.   They broke into the fenced and gated green and made life seriously unpleasant for local residents. Problems involving illegal trespass, criminal damage, insanitary use of the stream flowing under the trees and dubious legality of vehicles all seemed to go unpunished.   No wonder the `travellers` feel that they can do this kind of thing with impunity, knowing that the powers that be are reluctant to use what powers they may have.

A few days ago, another group arrived, lifting a gate off its hinges and parking in the same community area and whilst there may not be quite so many as last year, there are still more than enough to see a repeat of all the problems we encountered then.   The Council have issued `notices,` which apparently required these malcontents to vacate the area by this morning.  They`re still here and word has it that the `notice` has simply been ignored and the Council has to go through yet another legal loophole which will mean that our visitors will remain where they are - unless a sudden urge to travel overtakes them - whilst the law grinds its pitiful course.

Seems to me there`s one rule for us law abiding taxpayers and quite another one for those who behave appallingly and simply ignore the requirements of the law.   Now, I was interested to hear the other day that David Cameron reliably informed us that if we vote Brexit in the upcoming EU Referendum, then we will be beset by a plague of killer bees, which we duly have been.   However, Cameron didn`t say anything about our village green being beset by a plague of dishevelled lawbreakers.  So I guess it`s OK to vote Brexit anyway.

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