Monday, September 14, 2015


Well, another Monday has arrived.  I`m pretty sure I don`t like Mondays - most of them seem to be manic but the weekend has given us plenty to ponder.

For me one of the most troubling reports  was the suggestion that, hidden among the countless migrants/refugees knocking on Europe`s doors, a whole load of them might actually be ISIS terrorists in disguise.   Now we have no way of knowing whether that`s true or not and I suppose we all want to assume it isn`t.   But even if that`s the case, the mere fact that this notion has been reported in the media might well provide ISIS HQ with food for thought.

"Seen this, Mohammed?  Some infidel is accusing us of smuggling our lads into Europe posing as genuine refugees.   Sounds like a good idea.  Let`s give it a go."

In other news, the frankly bizarre convulsions going on in the Labour Party show no signs of abating.   Jezza is putting his shadow cabinet together and he has promised (I think) to ensure that there are an equal number of women in it.  Good idea, very laudable, quite right, no problem with that.   But if he`s true to his inclusive principles I expect he`ll be looking to include representatives of other sections of our `society` as well.   

So far, he seems to have appointed at least one MP from an ethnic minority background but surely needs one or two or three or four to represent the LGBT world (I always worry about confusing that with BLT) possibly a dwarf or two, someone who`s ginger, another to give the baldist point of view and maybe, just maybe, someone who might be erring on the side of being sensible. 

Meanwhile, so far there`s no sign of a shadow appointment for the recently elected 30-year old Cat Smith, MP, who was one of Corbyn`s backers for the Leadership.  Having attended Cartmel College at Lancaster University where she graduated with a BA in Sociology and Gender Studies, she worked for Jezza as a policy officer for the British Association of Social Workers.   She identifies herself as "a Christian, socialist, feminist, republican and trade unionist" as well as identifying as bisexual and engaged to a man called Ben.

Just the kind of person we need in this brave new world - Cat, I mean, not the man called Ben.   On the other hand that might not be a bad idea either.......

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